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Our Services & Capabilities

Supply Chain Management

We provide value added services to our partners supplying high quality product and services to our customers. We provide in-country support to our partners ensuring business continuity and growth through continuous performance improvement.

Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul (MRO)

We are building our in-house capability in the area of advanced avionics MRO. G7 Aerospace will deliver these services through the use of Automatic Test Equipment (ATEs) and working closely with the components OEMs. Our aspiration is to become a renowned advance avionics MRO center backed by strong in-house engineering support.

Aircraft System Integration

Our combined experience in aviation is the main asset in the field of aircraft system integration that enables us to perform a cost-effective solution provider on aircraft system and equipment. 

Technical Consultancy Services

We have the expertise in providing technical consultancy in the area of aviation and defense related that suit our customer constraint. Our personnel will tailor your requirements to achieve the best solution. 

Aerospace and Defense Project Management

We can provide project management and supervision on your future undertakings for an effective project implementation whether it involves large or small-scale commitments. 

Design and Engineering

Our design and engineering team provides original and innovative solutions to our customers. We design certified products to meet customers’ requirements and objectives.

Specialized Aerospace Support Equipment

Working with our partner and in home development team we design and develop specialized equipment for aerospace application.

We also modify and upgrade software and hardware of equipment to enhance operation need or to address obsolescence issues.

The equipment include Ground Support Equipment, Air Traffic Radar and Air Defense Radar

UAV and Mapping Capability

Partnering with local UAV and mapping company, G7 Aerospace will be able to fulfil the needs for UAV use whether for commercial or tactical needs.

Using the latest in mapping software and surveyors generation, G7 Aerospace is able to provide a comprehensive solution in mapping and GIS. 

Inspection Using Drone

The demand for this type of inspection is growing especially in energy sector. G7 Aerospace through its strategic partners is able to provide necessary inspection on high and risky structures so that human involvement is minimized  

Communications Systems

We provides innovative critical communications solutions to meet complex voice, video and data link needs to military, law enforcement and government agencies.

We’re specialized in tactical IP communications, broadband, SATCOM , radio communications interoperability, equipment installations and system integration.

Security & Surveillance

G7 Aerospace is dedicated to advancing in security and surveillance by finding innovative ways to save lives, improved businesses and protect people where they live and work.

Our systems are tailored and customized according to client’s needs and requirement. We’re specialized in critical infrastructure protection, CCTV, video management analytics, access control system and sensors system integration. 

Aerospace Training

Due to our business nature, we have collected a vast experience in aerospace and aviation alike and we can share this invaluable experience through training.

Recently, we have added composites as additional value-added training sessions we can offer.