More About Our Capabilities


G7 Aerospace services are the answer in helping you to get targeted engineering services. We offer a wide range of technical expertise to both government and non-governmental agencies. You can let us handle concept studies, data analysis, panel reviews, system integration and testing, flight and mission support. We can also develop and deliver hardware under services contracts. That’s right, hardware. Services contracts are a quick and easy way to get what you want when you need it.

Leveraging capabilities and solutions across our company, G7 Aerospace develops innovative, affordable technologies to meet the needs of military and commercial customers markets.

G7 Aerospace is a HRDF approved training organisation, with the ability to offer various topics in aviation by our experience trainer. From engineering, technical services to repair and overhaul services for components and structures. G7 Aerospace has the experience and ability to supply, upgrades, perform preventive maintenance, provide technical services and training.